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Sticks Art!

Ok! First off I've kinda moved to dogtopus.blogspot.com; when I've worked out how to pump out posts from blogger into here it'll liven up again. Again? Was it ever the party hub? XD but yeah, livejournal is just too "you can do this but you have to do it like THIS and no you can't do THAT" for my liking, customising it to what you see here took me best part of 2-3 evenings and it STILL doesn't look right. I spent a few hours on customising blogger, did 90% of what I wanted it to and it's still like "MORE! MMOOOORE!! I CAN DO MORREE!!", and it's so dreadfully nice about everything I've found I rather liked it. Go Google. If I want to feed to Blogger I just go "feed to blog". If I want to feed to LJ, I have no idea where to even start. So yeah, I dunno when that'll happen. I've kinda decided that the only cool thing about LJ is the people that use it (which is stratos, yo :D).

Livejournal does have a strange woman lodged in the top left of its homepage right now though, so I guess there's that too..

Anyway, enough 2.0 technowhining! 

I drew! This! In macromedia flash! And thought it was worth posting, 'cos I like it. :D

Also I'm doing a tag comic here >>>> http://www.doodleshed.co.uk/digit

it's with the enourmously talented Nick Liaw. Check him out!!

EDIT: after posting this I've realised that my LJ style is much easier to read than my Blogger style. haha! That's what you GET for giving me too much control!! XD


LUC 176...

...was awesome! Sold a few comics, bought a load MORE comics, and most importantly met loads of great people! Is there any better than comics, music and beer? Nah!

I'll write it up properly soon, but it's hot outside and I wanna be OUT IN IT :D So I'm off! Seeya!  :D 

Sticks p2!

Page two! Stickin' with it! o_o


Yeah! Started a new comic. I don't normally post comics as I go, but we'll see how this works out. It's not a Rockfall thing, it's another thing, a Post-Apocolyptic Triffid Ronin story set around about Cornwall. :D Note the thinner panel borders! Whoa! Stylistic adventure! :D

I'll be selling Rockfall again at this: 176 on Sat 27th june! It's open midday til late I think, and I think there will also be beer (tea at least), and dozens of talented creators and stuff, it's gonna be awwwweeesommmmmmmmmme :D

Sticks won't be ready for then though. C'mon, I just started it. :D

I've also been reading Claymore. I like it, it's a bit like the original Battle Angel Alita series, which I love, only with demons and swords instead of cyborgs and rocket-hammers.

Wah wah :D


Just read I Kill Giants



It's awesome. As I was nearing the end I was blubbing like a schoolgirl and had to hide 'cos some people out the window saw me and I didn't want to be caught crying at a comic book. I remember checking it out for the art when it was out in singles and I never really stuck with it (I always forget to buy singles. I tried to collect Incognito by Sean Phillips & Ed Brubaker but it's already on issue..3? 4? When the hell did that happen?!), but IKG works fantastically as a BIG TRADE BOOK. Writing's great, the art's great, well worth whatever needs to be paid to get it. Yeah!!

Rockfall news; I still haven't built any new copies yet. I'm gonna rework it a bit, do a new cover and have it ready for 176 I reckon. I've had 4 copies in the comic shop for weeks now, I sold one! Which is great! :D Then Kit took in his beautiful Little Red Ronin comic and sold out in a few days. Damn! I need to get some chicks, in colour, on the cover. :D XD Selling at cons is much easier than selling in a shop I've decided, gotta up my game.

I might also have another comic for 176, but I really need to get my ass in gear for that so maybe not.

Yep! :D


Hi! First off an apology; I'm kinda theming my website and journal around Rockfall, the scifi thing I finished a few weeks ago, but there's none of it online and there aren't any left to buy! I suck! So yeah, sorry about that. I have another 12-page Rockfall story I want to serialise online, so I reckon I'll soon be posting that. Sit tight! :D There are a few copies left in Chaos City Comics in St. Albans tho, if you're interested and local. :)

Another apology; I'm messing around with Journal stuff, so this is all gonna be bonkers around here for a wee while. I wanna use this as the front page of my website eventually so I'm kickin' it into shape! It hurts! ;_;Read more...Collapse ) Finally, Kit Wallis was exhibiting with me at the Thing the other week, but his site has stopped working! noo! I'll post where when it's back! It should be on www.kitwallis.com. In the meantime any comments here will get to him; he sits on my left at work, so any comments or physical abuse left here will be duly passed on, you betcha :D Anyway. Back to the great CSS battle. POW!

no art here argh!

Sorry! no art. My sketch-a-days have fallen by the wayside a bit, not only because of timmy mallet not being cool anymore, but also because I have been working on COMICS. I wanna keep comics a secret until they are pretty much done because of the naracisstic way my brain works; if I post it now, I might think I've finished the entire comic, and that's all wrong! So I'll keep it under wraps until I'm certain the momentum will keep me going. Whtev, it's cool stuff so far; the layouts so far are pretty standard, but hopefully I can develop that as I go. Anyway. Comics! I reckon I've got a good hour left in me yet! :D :D

Sketchy update

YEAH! I've been keeping up with my sketchadays!

Here is todays, inspired by the concept of Wild Zero, featuring GUITAR WOLF! And zombies! While the film is probably nothing like this (I haven't seen it yet! I'm too scared to see it by myself. I think the awesome would be too much for one person to bear alone).. it..should be? Maybe I should do that in future, just read a synopsis of a film I haven't seen and then just draw it.

And now a CUT! Below the cut is the other scribbles I've done before now but after then.
CUT!!Collapse )



I'm trying out that "sketch a day" thing that I kinda seem to always do about this time of year.

I'm trying to work out how this comic should look, it's a lot more black and white than I'm used to so I'm kinda still feeling my way around it. I'm getting closer to what I want ("heavy blacks with some crosshatching but not TOO MUCH" is the style I'm more or less looking for. Like a more scratchy, oppressive Bone I guess!)

But yeah! One of these was done yesterday, the one with the head on the stick was just now. Kinda suffered a bit for a lack of 0.05 laser-accuracy microscope pen; Kit kindly lent me his for when I was doing Sticks' face, but when I got around to the background he wasn't around anymore so I made do with a 0.5 mm. Yeah, PEN GEEK.

Not sure about her cut-off shoulders longsleeve thing here (also in better context here). I can't decide if it looks cool or if it looks contrived and impractical. It's just not NINJA. But with all the sticks and stuff it kinda breaks things up a bit, so I dunno. Wotev :D

Anyway. Comics. I found 8 pages of pencils of a short Rockfall story HIDDEN my laptop, between the keyboard and the screen! Which goes to show when I last picked up my guitar I guess, AGES ago. 'cos I put my guitar thru my laptop. Like ya do. :) So yeah, when I've inked that I'll post it, it's pretty cool. I'm also working on a Sticks / Idyllic story which I'm making up as I go along, which I'm posting up as I do it over at deviantart. I'll whack it up on my website and link to it from here when I'm finished.

Also, I'm going to Leeds thoughtbubble thing! It's only a 500 hour drive! It'll be FUN!!

So yeah. Done!


Good Shootin'!

Comic! Did this a few months ago, gave it out free at Caption. I'll probably bung it in a book when I've got enough to put in a book. :)